Academic English Online courses are customized one-to-one English for academic purposes private lessons. You will be studying online with native-speaking, experienced tutors who have taught university foundation programs in Canada and abroad. This is the best help you can get preparing for university studies, a new job, or a new life in an English-speaking country!
We offer English proficiency test preparation and English for academic purposes courses. Learn more on our courses page.
All our courses are taught live via Skype. Skype lessons are very much like face-to-face tutoring sessions–you will be able to see, hear, and talk to your teacher. Your teacher will also use other online technology and resources to deliver the lessons to make your learning rich and engaging!
Our regular lessons last 50 minutes. We also offer two-class blocks, which last 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Click free trial lesson to sign up for your introduction consultation and testing. During this 30-minute lesson, we will talk about your English needs, test your current level, and choose the best course for you to achieve your goals. Once you start taking our classes, your teacher will create a study plan for you based on your placement test results.
All our courses are customized to meet your learning objectives, so the length of your course will depend on your starting level and the result you need to achieve. You will receive an estimate assessment of the duration of your course in your free trial lesson. When you start taking classes, your teacher will create a study plan for you with a more accurate number of lessons it will take to meet your goals.
You can start as soon as you want! We do not have fixed start dates as all our courses are taught to fit your schedule and learning objectives. When you sign up for the free trial lesson, we will talk about the best time for you to have classes and match you with an available tutor.
Your schedule will be fully customizeable–as soon as you let us know what time is best for you, we will match you with a tutor who is available at your chosen time.
Currently, all our courses are taught one-to-one. This means you will be the only student in class getting all your tutor's attention!
Our courses are unique because of our outstanding tutors. All our tutors have experience teaching academic English to international students at university level and know better than anybody else the struggles foreign students face in the academic and professional environments in English-speaking countries. Teaching academic English is our main area of expertise and this is what we love doing!
All our tutors are native speakers of English with at least a Bachelor’s degree in English or a related field and are certified to teach English as a Second Language. Our academic writing tutors hold at least a Master’s degree; hence, they have first-hand experience writing theses and dissertations.
You don’t need to purchase any materials for your classes with us! Your tutor will provide all electronic and online resources you need to successfully complete your course.
Go to our prices page to learn the cost of our test preparation and academic English courses.
We offer several convenient payment methods: PayPal and major debit or credit cards. Students living in Canada can also pay through Interac.
We have a very flexible refund policy: should you decide to withdraw from our courses, we will refund all unused pre-paid lessons in full amount.
We do have an attendance policy in place to ensure our students’ consistent progress. It is outlined in our student tutoring agreement that all our newly enrolled students sign. You can learn more about our attendance policy during your free trial lesson.
All you have to do is install Skype on your computer, if you haven’t done so yet. Skype is free and it is compatible with most devices!
You can definitely use your tablet or phone for some classes.  However, we recommend using a desktop or a laptop computer as you need to be able to open different types of files and browse the Internet during your lessons.
As long as you have basic computer skills, you have nothing to worry about! Making calls on Skype is just as easy as talking on the phone, except you will also be able to see your teacher and his or her screen.

If you think you still have questions, please email us at ilearn@academicenglish.ca

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